Saturday, February 28, 2009

Photography of Artist's Work

I am very fortunate to photograph art for some very amazing artists. Just this last fall I photographed a silver pitcher made by Susan Adams. A woman who has followed her love of the West to create some beautiful jewelry and metalwork. The piece pictured here won the Best in Show at the Western Design Conference in Jackson, Wyoming. While it was problematic to light, it was well worth all the effort.

"Don't Fence Me In", Silver Pitcher and Tray
by Susan Adams

Recently, I have been shooting some work for the Artists pictured below. Each presenting its' own challenges and each body of work a joy to photograph.

Painting by Pam Anderson

Sculptural Jewelry Box with Ring
by James C. Meyer

Tapestry by Susan Iverson

Just a Beginning

This Blog represents my work as a photographer. I will try to keep it update with the work I am doing posting events and images from my photography work. For starters I have several areas of photography I am involved in so I will provide different headings for each. I will start off with images and news from my work for various Artists, Galleries and Museums.