Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Steven Summerville Pottery

I have to post this image done back in the Fall of Steven's pottery. Besides the fact that I love his work, this image turned out so well. I forgot to post it earlier, but was just uploading images for him to Juried Art Services and had to add the image to my blog. Plus, as Steven would say, it looks so striking with the black background.

Pottery by Steven Summerville

Jewelry Photography in Early Winter

Catching up on things done last year, I wanted to post some of the wonderful jewelry I have been photographing over the last several months. These are examples of some from early Winter. The first two pieces are of felt jewelry work by Shelley Jones. The last one is a ring by Lynalise.

Bracelet by Shelley Jones

Necklaces by Shelley Jones

Ring by Lynalise

GRCC Annual Dinner & Impact Award

After a busy end to 2009 and start of 2010, it is time to add some of the goings on to the blog. Back in November, I photographed the Chamber's Annual Dinner and Impact Awards. This is an annual thing for me and part of my support of the Chamber. The Impact Award is given to an emerging small business who has shown not only to be a good business; but also to have contributed to the community and over come some adversity in its' growth.

This year's winner was Uppy’s Convenience Stores.

Below are images of some of the Sponsors and Chamber Presidents.