Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Legacy of Liberty

With the Fourth of July just past I thought it would be appropriate to post these images from the St. John's Church Foundation's event "A Legacy of Liberty". This after all was one of the great events that lead to the Declaration of Independence and some of the same people were involved in both meetings.

Colonel Washington speaking in support of Mr. Henry's resolution.

Patrick Henry giving his famous "Liberty or Death" speech.

Mr. Jefferson, Colonel Washington, and Mr. Henry posing with guests.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Take Our Stand

"Take Our Stand" is an exhibit organized by the American Civil War Center from the John H. Motley Collection. I recently photographed artifacts from the collection for the Museum. In this case hats worn by the "Buffalo Soldiers", the 9th and 10th Cavalry and the 24th and 25th Infantry. On this Fourth of July weekend it seemed very thought provoking to be working on these objects. It gives you an opportunity to think about the men who wore these hats, and what their thoughts on liberty might have been as they served our country on the Western Frontier, in Cuba and the Philippines .