Wednesday, March 18, 2015


A collection of wonderful vessels.  I don't need to say more.  Enjoy.

 Ceramic Vessel by Steven Summerville

Encaustic Vessel by Suzanne Arnold

Ceramic Vessel by Kay Franz

Monday, March 2, 2015

C. James Meyer Jewelry

Recently, someone asked me how I got started photographing jewelry.  It all start almost 35 years ago, with shooting work for Jim Meyer.  I was doing photography for several crafts artists and a mutual friend suggested I shoot his work.  We have been friends ever since.  Out of that, I have done photography for many fine jewelers over the years.  In fact, recently one of the first images I did for Jim was included in a book edited by Bob Ebendorf.  While it looked old and dated to me, Bob said it was still a favorite piece of Jim's and he liked my image of it.  I won't be including that here, but these are some recent pieces by C. James Meyer.  I will also be uploading the work of some other jewelers in the near future.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Realism in Painting, Sort of

Paintings by two Virginia artists working with different senses of surrealism.  Both wonderful and as a photographer challenging.  Ann Chenoweth has long been know for her prints, but this series of paintings' surreal quality speaks to the wonder of nature.  Here the rich detail and layers of glazes and tone are the problem.  Elizabeth Coffey's paintings have a textural pattern in the surface that was hard to capture and on this blog maybe hard to see.  (click on the images to enlarge them)   Enjoy.

Ann Chenoweth:

Elizabeth Coffey: