Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Art Photographed

These are just examples of some of the art that I have photographed over the last few months. I have not uploaded any art in awhile and wanted to catch up. As I have said before I am lucky to be able to photograph for an amazing group of artists. Enough said, enjoy this small sampling of work.

Oil Painting by Jim Black

Detail of Jim Black's Painting

Woven Hair on Found Fabric by Sonya Clark

Detail of Sonya Clark's Fiber Piece

Tapestry by Andrea Donnelly

Detail of Andrea Donnelly's Tapestry

I thought I would include the details of these pieces for two reasons. One to show how important details are, and also because it is fun for me to create new work, in a sense, by photographing a detail of some one's art.

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buchananmt said...

I am glad you posted your fine art photography.I enjoyed looking at the work. I may not have seen it otherwise.