Saturday, January 25, 2014

Exhibition Installation Panoramas

During the Fall, I had the opportunity to create several panoramic views of exhibition installations.  For the University of Richmond Museums, I documented Jay Bolotin's The Jackleg Testament Continues exhibit at the Joel and Lila Harnett Museum of Art.  Mr. Bolotin had for several days added text and drawings to the walls of the gallery around his framed prints.  The University Museums wanted to document this work and the overall exhibit.  I also did several panoramas for Sukjin Choi's exhibition at artspace gallery.  Her work consisted of ceramic sculptures hung on the walls to create an overall installation.  I have included two of the images below, along with views of the respective galleries.

This view Jay Bolotin's installation was created from 12 vertical images merged to create a high-resolution image of one wall with hand written text.  Below is a view of the gallery.  The wall is the one on the left.

This panorama is a combination of the two walls in the gallery view below.  To create this  view of Sukjin Choi's exhibit over 15 vertical images were merged together as well as two different walls.  The artist was interested in seeing the piece as if installed on one wall, which the size of the gallery did not allow.

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